About the Business


Hello, my name is Timilehin Laniyi and I am the owner of Tempire Beauty. I am currently a junior at Howard University, studying international business. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria but my family moved to Baltimore, Maryland and we have been living here for the past 18 years.


At a young age, I have always been passionate about fashion, hair and makeup. This inspired me to provide these services within my community for a small fee. I've always been known to be an entrepreneur whether it was selling custom-made, by the order, "Crazy Loom" bracelets in elementary school, to owning a full fledged business selling and doing hair and makeup. But this is not the end of the journey, this is only just the beginning.


I plan on expanding my business to become a platform that women can utilize to gain confidence in all their crafts and take over the world one step at a time. I can only hope that the amazing support, prayers, and love my family and friends have provided me with continues to follow me and my brand on our journey to success. 


Within the Last Two Years

In the past two years we have had many lessons and experiences with many amazing people. This brand has donated and supported many other brands built by women. Earlier on in 2018 we attended a women in business event called " Girl Power." This event was dedicated to providing a place for women in all different fields to come together, network, learn, and build relationships with each other. This event sparked my mind to take the next step into taking affirmative action to create my brand. After this event I made it a standpoint to not only create my business to just have a hustle doing hair and makeup but to nourish and encourage females as I interact with them.




In 2018, we took the first steps to helping the girls in our community and we established the Tempire Beauty Prom Scholarship. We sent 3 girls to prom with the essential costs covered. We provided them with a prom dress, hair and the installation, and a professional MUA for their big day. The reason we begun this was because I knew too many people in my high school that could not afford to go to prom because their family couldn't buy them a dress or pay for all the extra fees that come along with prom so I took the initiative to help deal with that issue. I am very grateful for the team of volunteers and vendors that helped make this such a successful occasion. The smiles and the happiness from the scholarship recipients and their families are some of the reasons I will do everything in my power to keep providing this experience for girls for years to come. Now, take a look and refer a friend!